Friday, March 6, 2009

Malicious Intent – Obama and The Crisis of Fear

“Of how many a man may it not be said that hope made a fool of him until he danced into the arms of death!”
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Are we to believe that Obama is quite as dim-witted as he might appear to be on the surface? Can we attribute every foolish decision, every stale rehashed notion that might enter that sorry excuse for a mind to the simple lack of understanding and appreciation for principals, especially those within the realm of economics, already proven to be true? No, although he falls well short of the omniscience ascribed to him by those truly senseless fools eternally plagued by a clouded perception of reality, who have to this point so vehemently support their savior, he does possess some, all be it marginal, capacity for reasoned thought. When one accepts this fact he is then confronted with the question of why he continues to propose and enact policy that has had such a detrimental effect on the national economy and the underlying psychology of the markets. If he is truly honest and straightforward with the American people, as he so often claims is his intent, then why can he not come forth and describe in detail the ultimate goals that motivates and drives him in his decision making process? The answer is quite simple when one looks past the petty sophistry relentlessly practiced by this administration and in turn parroted constantly by those willing to carry his water in the media. The whole act is intentionally designed to destroy confidence in the capitalist system in order to foist the same old decayed philosophy of collectivism on the shoulders of the American people, more specifically the creators of wealth.

When the actions of the current administration are viewed from the perspective of the end result the deduction must be made that either Obama and his clan do not care a whit for the producers upon whose shoulders rests the viability of the national economy or his sole intent is to punish those who produce and condemn them to the same fate as those who ravenously consume the fruits of their labor. In either case one arrives at the conclusion that there is an organized attempt to transfer wealth from the producer to the consumer whether it be through depreciation of their investments or the blatant confiscation of their wealth my means of confiscation through confiscatory tax policies. These are not actions that happen to appear by some magical process that conjures them from the ether. No, they are all part of a predetermined course of actions initiated well before the recent election intended to fracture the foundation of the capitalist system and provide an excuse to supplant the natural order with some monstrosity envisaged by the fraudulent minds polluted by a faulty philosophy that has long sense been proven deficient.

As of yet we are prevented from arriving at any positive conclusion that allows us to determine whether the nature of Obama’s intent be malicious or the product of an ill developed intellect the fact remains that every action put forth by this administration has resulted in further decay in the economic stability and viability of this nation and the prolonged suffering of a sizable portion of its citizenry. I am of the opinion that we have not arrived at our current situation by mere chance and that (and here I run the risk of adopting the prose and tone of the conspiracy theorist) policy decision here to fore have been made with the conscious intent of harming the producers to the point that they are willing to accept any solution, no mater how repugnant to their personal philosophies, to stop the bleeding and restore some sense of stability to the markets.

By examining the rhetoric of Obama both during the previous election cycle and again following his inauguration we see a pattern that points to his preconceived desire to bring us all to the precipice, and quite possibly drag us all down into the economic abyss. Never before have we been witness to someone who so deliberately sought to spread fear and anxiousness while at the same time promoting hope and deliverance. In the past, with other collectivists of the same stripe, one could have attributed such rhetoric simply to the desire to stoke the fear of the masses in hopes of simply acquiring a grip on power, but in the case of Obama it would appear that his actions are several degrees more nefarious and destructive in their intent. This can be demonstrated by the fact that once he and his merry band of despots in the Democratic Party had secured a strangle hold upon the reigns of power he did not alter his rhetoric in hopes of steering the economy away from the chasm that now lay before us, nay, instead he increased the level of pessimism in his tone and word in the apparent hopes of accelerating our collective demise. For someone who rode the white horse of hope into the Oval office he seemed more than willing to sow the seeds of fear and resentment all in hopes of reaping the caustic crop they now produce. Every time this false messiah uttered one word, every time he proposed any policy, every time he offered any suggestion that might be viewed as an approach towards attempting to meddle with the capitalist structure, the markets reacted violently, dropping precipitously and reinforcing the panic to which the average investor is subject to fall prey. Never once was there any attempt to offer any words of optimism or genuine hope to those who willingly risk their hard earn capital in hopes of turning a profit for the sake of society as a whole. No he only offered the bitter draught of pessimism, fear, and panic.

Can any answer other than an artificial inflation of the then already present panic lend itself to the tenants of logic and reason than to believe that the current state of affairs is the result a conscious attempt to thwart the capitalist system and besmirch its potential? What we are witnessing is the intentional infliction of economic suffering upon the citizenry in a veiled attempt to enslave each and every one of us with the chains of universal brotherhood and blind socialism. If this be true, and as it stands on its face it would appear to be so, this represents the highest form of deception and treachery ever exhibited by an executive in the history of the republic. These are historic times when one realizes that we now have someone ensconced in power who so loathes the economic prosperity enjoyed by the producers of this great nation that he is willing to purposely destroy the very engine that creates wealth and prosperity in hopes of leveling the playing field and thereby reducing each and everyone of us to poverty and eventually slavery. To Obama this is a virtue of the highest order, but to those of us who are counted amongst the remaining free thinkers this is nothing more than pure treason.

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  1. You might want to take a look at this:

  2. Thanks Anon, I added the link... its an awesome article that adds some meat to the bones stated above! While I dwell in the realm of philosophy and rhetoric, the author of the linked article deals in actual evidence. Again thanks.

  3. why is anyone supprised? B.O. and the democrats have publicly stated during the past year a desire to nationalize the auto industry,the oil companies,the energy industry(after bankrupting coal)the banking industry, the investment industry,the health care industry,schools,colleges,property rights,home ownership,guns,radio.........and raise corporate taxes,raise capital gains tax,cap CEO wages,tax excess profits; along with a redistribution of wealth.We got what they voted for. Soon a national police force will be in place to enforce the socialist agenda and the time for violence will be upon us.

  4. Haven't a large segment of us felt this all along? So many ignorant and lazy citizens are so willing to suckle at the teat of the mother government that they elected this fraud with truly evil intentions. His promises of a better life were promises to the fools who never bothered to take control of their lives in the first place.
    Now, the prize is in sight. His preacher, Wright, told us what was in this amn (and Michelle's) heart. At the inauguration, do you see what "White will do what's right" now means? The destruction of capitalism is necessary so the perceived victimized blacks and minorities can now punish the whites and belly up to the bar.
    His cronies just want all the marbles: all the money and all the power to be Gods of the world, controlling everyone and everything.

    If this is not the end times, I can't imagine what is.

  5. Exactly what you said AC. I recently watched a talk by Evan Sayet about how the liberal really does dislike and often hate those who produce and want to elevate those who do not by punishing the producers.

    Collectivization is at their hearts, but they can't state it publicly though, at least not yet, the citizenry is afraid but they're not completely clueless, so hussein and his cohorts will have do it slowly, bit by bit.


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