Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Despotism - The Liberal Assault on Limbaugh

As if the current economic turmoil were not enough to keep Obama and his lack luster staff of sycophants and moochers busy these days, running from press briefing to press briefing in what would appear to be an organized effort to drive the economy into an even deeper hole than its already in, reports are now circulating that senior White House aids are intimately involved in the effort to destroy the de facto spokesperson for today’s conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh. The mere fact that White House officials are involved in any attempt to destroy the career or reputation of a private citizen for what he has the audacity to say should send shivers down the spine of any freedom loving citizen and makes them seethe with anger. Make no mistake; this is not only an assault on what Limbaugh says, but his ability to say it, and by attempting to undermine his ability to communicate his message they are engaged in the very act of tyranny this republic was established to oppose.

Is there any doubt now that what Obama and his merry band of fools are engaged in is nothing more than a soft revolution that is intended to destroy the very fabric of this nation and replace it with a dictatorship clad in the cloth of faux democracy. By targeting the loudest and harshest critic of their plan team Obama betray their diabolical intent to stifle free speech and decent and strike fear into anyone who has the nerve to stand up against their American form of despotism. They seek only to destroy anyone who stands in their path and by targeting the biggest and the loudest one amongst us they intent to make an example of anyone who is foolish enough to oppose their quickening march to collectivism.

It must be understood that this is an assault on the rights of a free citizen to criticize and oppose the policies and actions of their elected government. Obama has never before faced harsh opposition to his policies, whether it be as President of the Harvard Law Review or as a member of some community organization designed to destroy the foundation of the inner cities by spreading socialism and government dependency, and now that he does he feels that it must be squelched. Throughout his entire career he has been handled with kid gloves by those around him, bowing to his every wish as if he were some sort modern day Xerxes, a man-god incarnate, to be obeyed, feared, and revered. This is displayed by his reaction to the voices of opposition and his earnest drive to shut them up out of fear that they might succeed in reaching the ear of the masses and whisper the blasphemous truth that Obama is mere mortal with corrupt policies and disastrous intentions.

Throughout the entire eight years of the Bush administration we heard repeated cries that the first amendment was under assault and the very foundation of our liberties were threatened, and never once did they produce one citizen who could even claim that he was the target of unconstitutional attacks on his right to free speech. These claims were heralded from the mountain tops as media personalities such as Chris Mathews and his ilk wrung their hands and shed crocodile tears in hopes that they could facilitate the impeachment the so cravenly desired but were never able to achieve. What do they do now that a private citizen and his right to freely express his opposition to this monstrous new administration are under attack in an attempt to silence him and all critics? Do they rush to his defense? Do they stand up against tyranny and demand justice? No, they join in the attack acting as the edge of the knife as it is used to slit the throat of their opposition. They act in unison with those despots who threaten to undermine the very basis of their way of life. They, compelled by some sort of subconscious self loathing, join in attacking the very freedoms that allow them to conduct their business, all in hopes of furthering their common agenda of implementing socialism and thereby control over the individual.

This is an attack on what Limbaugh says and his right to say it. They cannot tolerate anyone who dares to oppose their drive for universal control conceived in the darkest reaches of history past. Yet Limbaugh continues to resist. There he stands as one of the last amongst that once lauded profession whose tradition was steeped in revelation of the truth and has now sunk to the level of an Olberman or a Maddow. Unwilling to bow before the throne of Obama or kiss the ring of his minions he has fallen under the coordinated assault of what was once, not long ago, the abode of humility and freedom but has now become the domain of the corrupt tyrant.


  1. play the victim card much?

  2. Anon, I don’t play the victim card at all. That is the realm of the mealy mouthed collectivist who seeks to achieve success by the collection of alms from the successful. The fact remains that for a Presidential administration to target a private individual and seek his personal and professional destruction is nothing short of treacherous and stinks of despotism. That smell is surely familiar to those of your philosophy for to you it is most certainly the smell of victory!

  3. limbaugh is a talented buffoon...funny....should not be taken seriously

  4. I love how Limbaugh challenged Jugears to a debate today....and now the White House has suddenly decided that engaging Rush is "counterproductive".

    They KNOW that Limbaugh would tear Obama apart like a cheetah does an antelope on Animal Planet.

  5. Everyone I have spoken to that thinks Rush is a "buffoon" has never actually heard the man speak. They are the mouthpieces of the Dear Leader they voted for and cannot accept criticism of any kind.

    I truly hope Rush keeps pushing forward at this administration and baiting them into confrontation. They would lose miserably. There is no honor in this lot...they are attempting to destroy this Republic at every angle.

    They will not succeed.


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