Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Foxes Are in the Hen House

It is now clearly apparent to any one willing to make an objective assessment of those chosen by Obama to comprise his cabinet that never before has there been a more immoral group of criminals nominated to such lofty posts in our history. Contrary to all of the claims heralding the dawn of an age of responsibility those whom the liberal messiah has chosen to surround himself with represents the typical elitist who dominate the so called progressive movement. This sort double standard is typical operating procedure for this group of scandalous do-nothings whose only pursuit in life would appear to be contriving ways to siphon wealth away from the producers so that they can distribute it amongst the dregs of society in order to garner themselves just one more vote. As they sit ensconced in the robes of authority and influence they imagine that the very laws with which they burden the creator of wealth simply have no meaning for those who occupy such lofty positions. The very people who Obama, in his blind obstinacy, has chosen to enforce the laws of the land are themselves guilty of their most egregious violations, violations which if committed by the average citizen would be met with financial devastation at the hands of the IRS and the sting of the jailers lash.

Once again we are confronted with a contradiction of such colossal proportions that it evokes a cynicism so profound that one is left awestruck by their audaciousness. If it be true - and mind you I don’t for one second grant them the validity they claim for their arguments – that it is a patriotic virtue to allow the powers that be to confiscate, literally at gunpoint, the hard earned capital of the average citizen, then what does that say about those who are now poised to occupy the secretariat of these powerful cabinet positions? By the very standards, upheld and proclaimed by the most powerful voices in the land, these criminals are absent of any virtue and thereby unqualified to hold their positions. Again we have a group of people who in condescending tones preach to us the virtues of paying our “fair share” while they themselves simply neglect, or as they claim “forget”, to bear their share of the burden. They then have the audacity to stand before us and claim that we, the rightful owners of the wealth produced by our very hands, are the ones who are lacking in virtue because we resist when unreasonable demands are placed on our pocketbooks and threaten us with ruin and imprisonment if we continue to resist.

To these ravenous souls, lead astray by a false epistemology of envy and contempt for the creators of wealth, the sole purpose of government is to decide who is to succeed and who is to be penalized for their success. They are the petulant offspring of an order so old that time itself has forgotten that their origin lie tangled amongst the incestuous forebears of the despots and autocrats of old who sought to control wealth and distribute it to those whose influence was necessary to maintain their stranglehold on power, and thus the individual. They are the destroyers of freedom through their consumption of honestly earned wealth, who in the name of fairness have elevated themselves to a position of prominence so powerful that they become the arbiters of success and failure and thereby hold sway over the masses who wish to suckle at the festering teat of government and its allowances. All the while they themselves refuse to strike a lick in order to honestly create even the slightest speck of wealth but exist only to seize yours and miraculously transform it into public consensus that favors their position.

How fraudulent is it for a man, Timothy Geithner, who has openly admitted, under oath before a Senate Confirmation hearing, to neglecting to pay taxes, not for one year, but for several, to be easily confirmed as Treasury Secretary. The very body that has been charged with the confiscation of tax dollars from honest working Americans is now to be headed by someone who is either too stupid to realize that is indebted to the government to pay his “fair share”, or to corrupt to do so. Either way he is unfit to serve as Cabinet Secretary and one must deduce by the ease at which he was confirmed that his actions are either condoned by the Senate and the current Administration or are to be forgiven by such based solely on his favorable standing amongst its members. Whatever the circumstances be they embody the corrupt nature of the politicians currently in office and their blatant flouting of the law in deference to status and power. Any one amongst us who would be guilty of the same crime would be hanged from the gallows and mocked by the media as a greedy capitalist for daring to hold back one red cent of our hard earned wealth from the all consuming hoards. Yet Mr. Geithner, who, guilty as confessed, is free to go about the very business of confiscating more and more wealth from the producers as if his crime were a badge of honor entitling to all the rights, lights, and benefits of unfettered power.

And what of our friend Mr. Daschle, that soft spoken archetype for the compassionate progressive politician, who, for six long years, sought to undermine every pro capitalist piece of legislation that presented itself before the esteemed Senator? It now appears that he too is involved in a case of failing to pay his taxes. Yes it is easy to believe that this dunce could have easily fallen prey to his lack of intellect or become confused by the complexity of the tax code that the average citizen expected to comprehend, but is to be forgiven by the repeated claims to his importance to the administration and nation? He too is a petty criminal who, through influence and pull has sought to simply gloss over his supposed oversight in deference to the well being of the country as a whole, a tactic sure to be exploited through the accompanying cries of “Economic Meltdown” and “Fiscal Crisis”. They expect us to sit like fools in the corner awaiting the final act preformed in that three ring circus they call Washington and, once the curtain falls on our prosperity, they demand that we stand and applaud and call for an encore, which they will most assuredly produce for us – a farce of socialist policies that will chain us to our forsaken brethren for ages to come.

As if all this were not enough today, this very morning, amidst all of the controversy surrounding Geithner and Daschle we learn that Nancy Killefer, chosen as Obama’s “Performance Czar” has tax issues of her own. Again does this not demonstrate perfectly for all of us to see that Obama has neither the judgment nor the mental resources that is required for the office he now holds? His ability to chose people truly qualified for their positions have time and time again proven to be faulty and, in some cases dangerous. Yet no one, but the courageous few are willing to call him on it.

The foxes are now in the hen house, and there are precious few to stop them before their deed is done. They have crept in under the cover of darkness and, with fangs bare, sought out the golden goose in order to devour it in the name of fairness. Their lips stained by the blood of justice and virtue in order to quench their desire for the collective good.
Once their endeavor is done and the source of all prosperity lies dead before them where will they turn in order to satisfy their blood lust? Once they have destroyed all prosperity in the pursuit of universal fairness will they cease they destructiveness or will the not rest and drive the nation into further collapse and turmoil.

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  1. Wow, you said every single thing I've been thinking. Thank you. Good job!


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